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1) If you know of someone who cannot get to one of the services, but would like communion brought to them, please let Rev Steve know.
2) The Benefice Gathering for Prayer will continue at 4.30 every Wednesday at each of the parish churches, subject to opening, and at Northwood Green.  Topics for prayer will be available at the back of each church. 


Cake and Christianity” in October 

Please consider coming along to one of the groups listed below: 

NWG: Steve and Viv Taylor, Perricks Farmhouse, NWG, GL14 1NB, 760756      7.30pm, Wed, 18.10.17 

Minsterworth:      Mervyn and Anne Cowdrey, Craycroft, M’worth, 751295      7.30pm, Thu,  26.10.17 

Rodley:         Terry and Val Thorpe, Dove House, Rodley, GL14 1RA, 760768      7.30pm,       ,       .10.17 

Steve will be at each of the meetings.   The idea for this month is to look at another course which seeks to enrich everyday discipleship for us all.  The course is called “Discipleship Explored” and comes from the same authors who wrote the course on Mark’s Gospel that we looke at two years ago.  The groups are for friends, neighbours, churchgoers, non-churchgoers, anybody really.  We will all be learning together, and taking a step or two on God’s way, mostly by discussion.  We will also be eating cake, courtesy of our generous hosts.  The meetings will start at 7.30pm and end at 9.00pm.  The 3 venues are the same as for September.  These meetings will prepare us to consider, more fully than we may previously have done, the need to apply what we learn on Sundays to the rest of our lives.  For a lift to the meetings, please contact Rev Steve. 


Westbury Notes (Aug 2017), 
1) If you, or someone you know might be willing to help with flowers for Westbury parish, in any of the 3 churches, then please contact Rev. Steve.
2) Spire repairs are now interrupted.  This is to prevent the need to continue paying for scaffolding, while further applications for funding are submitted.
“The Power of The Word”
This book has been compiled by Liz Perry from poems chosen by or written by local people, and is illustrated with many paintings by Liz Pleydell Pearce.  It is available from Liz Perry, Liz Savage or Rev. Steve.  There is a display copy at the back of each church.  The price of each book is £15, the whole of which will be shared between the four parishes of our benefice.  Please consider purchasing one, as 300 copies have been printed of this high quality item.  It would make a great gift.

“Jeffrey’s Longer Shorts” 

Local author Geoffrey Crees has a book of short stories published on Sept 8th.  In each of these stories he imparts a Christian message with warmth and whimsical humour.  The characters are fictitious, but for the quirky situations in which they find themselves the author has drawn on his experience over many years as an Anglican vicar.  Copies cost £8.95 each.  To obtain a copy, please ring 760843. 





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